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The Journey Till Now

>> Saturday, January 9, 2010

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Today, I sat down writing my autobiography. I know all of you will be laughing at this very idea. I m not a great man that someone will get inspired by me. So, why am I writing this? I don't know. Perhaps it is Vipul coming up with an weird image for Blog-a-ton 6, or perhaps it is a tip I got at the starting of BAT. He told me once don't ever think what are you writing, just sit in front of the screen and let the fingers roll. so I thought of respecting his views. After all, he is the Founder Marshall.

Well, where do I start and what do I write? I have been hopeless all my life. There is nothing new. But, I came to know that I have am a confused person all my life. At the beginning of the story, I wanted to become Superman. Then I had to drop that idea when I came to know he is fictional character. Then I wanted to become an Inspector, but it did not even last 15 minutes when I was told by my brother that you need to healthy for that and I was grossly underweight and that was no secret to me. I also wanted to become a wicket-keeper like Kiran More at one time. Somehow, I could not figure out how did that thought came into my mind, as I sucked in all aspects of cricket, even at being an audience. Then I wanted to become a Tennis player but that was just due to an infatuation for Monica Seles. I came to know about that soon when I saw Shabnam Kaur Ma'm. She was our drawing teacher when we were in Class IV. She was my first love. Well, let us not it here. I mentioned her as she made me like photography. She was a very good photographer. I still remember the Pentax camera, forgot the model.

I did not have a camera, but I still wanted to become a photographer. I used to read books based on photography. When I was in class X, my brother bought a compact camera, Konica POP EF-80 from the money he got after his Upanayan Ceremony. I was very happy. Now, when I notice that I did not even thank him. I was very selfish. With that camera I started clicking photographs. As a roll was very expensive for a student I used to photograph in meetings and I used to save 2-3 snaps from it. I even attended National level workshops with that camera. My friends thought me silly but I never cared and attended those workshops. In one such workshops, I met the owner of Shillong Studio and he taught me how to develop b/w rolls. He even told me that he would teach me color. But, I had to come to Assam and I still don't know about colour photography much apart from clicking but I still want to learn that technique even in this digital age. Shabnam Ma'm once said, "A photographer is a historian, an artist and a colour scientist." Those words were enough to make me understand the importance of formal education in photography. So, as soon I came to Jorhat, I took some formal education in photography. But, photography is a King's Hobby. Very expensive. I took up marriage contracts and I must say, it the most interesting the least paid job for a photographer. My Dad soon got me my first SLR, Nikon FM-10. Then, sky was the limit atleast that is what I thought. But, money was still a problem. Digital was coming at that time. Orkut and Facebook created new challenges. Everybody, was to become a photographer. So, photographers took a backseat and nobody liked to call them a photographer unless they are extremely good. My brother got me Canon Powershot 550 and I also started doing casual photography and somehow I was losing interest. But, my friends pushed me back to photography telling me to update my photoblog. This new year, my brother got me a Nikon D5000 DSLR. Well, now I again feel that zest to rise and take some cool photographs like my other photographer friends. Now, isn't I lucky to get so lovely friends and a wonderful family.

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