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If I were a baby again

>> Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Hi! I am back with another post this time for Blog-a-ton 4. This time the topic is "If I were a baby again" suggested by Daisy Blue. First time I saw the topic, I was wondering why would anyone want to become a baby again after years of tedious struggle to grow up. If I were a baby again, I would be still as naughty as I was when I was a baby, probably I would raise the level as I would now be pampered by more people than at that time. So, I am penning typing some warnings, requests, etc. 

  1. First of all Kavita Aunty you have to take care of my teeth. I don't want broken teeth again. You better treat me as your 3rd Kid.
  2. Shilpa Aunty main aapke godi me gandi harqate karoo toh maaf karna. 
  3. And Vipul Uncle, I am sorry but I will never miss playing tabla in your head.
  4. Shipi Chachi Aap mere favorite chachi ho. Aap aur Gary Chaachu roz mere saath khelne aana.
  5. Rakib Uncle, Please shave daily, your beard hurts.
  6. Hashan Kai, I please take out some time to play with me. 
  7. Ashwini Didi, you are very sweet. Do visit me time to time. Please stay away from my cheeks.
  8. Kothal Barta, Main har time aapki godi gandi karoonga. Natak mut karna.
  9. Jitu Khura, I won't come to you. Sorry!!!
  10. Monuj Borta,  aapuni ghura hobo laagibo.
  11. Pixel Khuri, I will be pulling your hairs, so beware.
  12. Sid Bhaiyya Get me toys and sweets and I like your hat, please come with it every time you visit me.
  13. Daisy you be my best buddy. 
  14. Mani Aunty, You are a good story teller. Every day, you have to tell me a story. Moi jaanu aapuni aahibo.
  15. As I grow up a little, Lakshmi Uncle please teach me how to read and write. Also tell aunty about it.
  16. After that Mani Aunty will have to teach me how to write 55 Fiction. 
  17. Ramesh Uncle please visit me often. I get very happy to see your smiling face. And tell me your wonderful anecdotes.
  18. Noyon Khura, I will sleep in your belly. Don't say no.
  19. Anupam Barta, you have to teach me how to draw.
  20. Dhiman Kaku, I know you will get me sweets.
I wanted to say some more. Par zyaada kahoonga, toh pehle hi log bhaag jaayenge.

Oops I forgot someone. Ambi Please give me some of your wisdom as I grow. Specially the first 7 years.

P.S.  I hope my family supports me getting baby again. 
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