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>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I spent my starting years in Shillong, the beautiful hillstation, and it is marketed as Scotland of the East by the Tourism Ministry. My hometown being Jorhat, I used to visit it during our winter vacations when we were kids. But, for the last six years of my stay I could not visit Jorhat. So, when I permanently transferred to Jorhat, I was expecting a great deal of change and was nervous as how would I face it. A total change of lifestyle. I would have to lose all my friends with whom I grew, the places where I loafed around and be what I was, everything.

When I reached Jorhat, there was nothing of that sort. Jorhat was the same as 6 years before. Same roads, same trees, same birds, same shops although a few shops have cropped in but the no. was insignificant. On one hand, I was comfortable with the familiarty but I was also sad that nothing changed when Shillong changed a lot in between.

It has been 6 years from then. A lot has changed since then, but I never expected many of those. First of those is that Mobile Phones is now an integral part of our lives. Reliance erected Mobile Phone Towers in 1993 but never started operations underestimating Jorhat's Market. But it also effected people who had invested in the pager business but never took off thinking that after mobile comes no one will use pager. All's well that ends well. Now, that Mobile Phone came a whole lot of things change.

Another thing that changed was the religious inclinations of the people. Now, saying anything about it is politically incorrect. But, being politically incorrect is what I am all about. I like controversies. I am not sure whether people are more religious or is it something else. Earlier there was only Durga Puja which grandly celebrated in this area. But, we have many of those nowadays. This year there were 13 Ganesh Puja Pandals, whereas earlier there was only 1 pandal by the Central Puja Commitee which controls all other puja committees. And that is also a recent development. There are many Chhat Puja Commitees. Moharram is also celebrated in an equally grand scale with big tazia processions and each tazia being very glamarous. And Weeklong Akhanda Bhagawat Paaths which does not have any season and so many Naamghars mushroomed in the recent years and virtually half of the year we hear the sound of this Bhagawat Paaths. Sometimes, three Naamghars next to each other organize these paaths in such a way that when one ends other starts so when we keep listening this for three consecutive years we lose our minds. And strangely they are organized during exam time.

Another thing that changed in these years is Bihu. When I was kid, Bihu used to be a 3 or 4 day celebration during Assamese New Year. And we used the hate the timing because our Annual exams overlapped those days. But, nowadays we find that Bihu Functions are organized for three months. Till July we might come across Bihu Functions. Strange!

Now, I don't know if this change is good or bad for us.



>> Monday, August 24, 2009

(* Statutory Warning : The contents of this post might be controversial. Read at your own risk. Although you have all the right to read this post, but that does not give you the right to burn my effigy and show disrespect to me or my picture or any other form representing me. Any adverse reaction displayed is punishable by law. *)

Md. Ali Jinnah (محمد علی جناح), the most controversial figure in Asia in the last century and a great statesman who is blamed singly for changing the history, geography, civics, economics, in short, Social Science of the continent. Even if he was not responsible, getting credit for such a big thing also needs a major personality.

Anyway, we will never be able to know what actually happened during partition, who was right or who was wrong and saying anything may lead to severe consequences. Because, for the past 62 years there has been a political conspiracy in both India and Pakistan to brainwash the young minds against the other country. Both the countries blame each other for various things that happened before and after partition, and it is taught as a part of syllabus in schools. But, we cannot blame a single side. As Sidhu says, "You cannot clap with one hand my friend!".

Now, lets look at the points that I gathered from the internet:
  1. He was a very moderate personality.
  2. He was against separate electorates for Hindu and Muslim at first.
  3. At one point he even left politics and went to London. This was when Gandhi supported Khilafat movement. He said what is India's independence has to do with dethroning of the Caliph of Turkey. Gandhi did this to gain Muslim support.
  4. He proposed a two nation theory wherein two nations would exist withing the same geographical boundaries. I feel that needed a quite a vision even to understand, and it was superbly great idea. His idea of an united India included Pakistan.
  5. "When Jawaharlal Nehru made his famous statement that there is nobody who can stop the Constituent Assembly from enhancing the powers of the centre and we do not believe in grouping, it became untenable for Jinnah to accept the Cabinet Mission Plan. It was at that point that you begin to see a movement for a Pakistan as a sovereign state. " Ayesha Jalal says.
  6. Between 1940 and 1946, Jinnah gained electoral support and was open for negotiations. However, he was snubbed by Congress leaders whose actions were either illogical (Gandhi) or tactless (Nehru). They wanted to rule India as a unit; Jinnah wanted a federation
  7. When all the major congress leaders were in Jail for 10-15 years, Jinnah and his Muslim league was strategically progressing towards the Independence. Although, their strategy was very different from Congress.
  8. He was a great negotiator.
  9. He was a great businessman.
  10. He was very strong willed.
  11. He professed that Islam preaches democracy.
Now, you can interpret in any way you can want, I won't do that for you. Sorry.

Present Situation: Pakistan is an Islamic Republic, free from communal tensions. India is a democratic country where communal tensions is still a problem. There are several groups of terrorists in India who are demanding separate states. Jaswant Singh has been sacked from BJP over phone for writing a Book on Jinnah.

And I recommend this Blog Post for further reading:


This Independence Day Ad

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

Very creative Ad


Reality Shows go wilder

>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

When reality shows started, they were mostly talent hunt shows. The winner used to win with mere talent. Then someone introduced the voting system and the contestent who made the most money had an upper hand. But, soon reality shows started where conventional talent was not much of a case but plotting and planning was the talent. Then another reality show started where only scandalous candidates were considered. And they had to reveal dark secrets of their lives. And our very own Rakhi Sawant converted her marriage into a reality show and gosh it was a big hit.

Now, last month Reuters reported that a Turkish TV station Kanal T is starting a new reality show where spiritual guides from the four faiths will try to convert certified atheists. The prize for converts will be pilgrimage to a holy site of their chosen religion (Mecca, Vatican, Jerusalem, Tibet). Well, looking at the religious competion in Mid-East, this show can be a popular show.

I hope to see more and more wildly creative reality shows in future.


Just Another Blog

>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hallo People, I have decided to start another blog as if there were not enough problem that I had. I don't have time to write in my other blogs, then why this blog? I don't know myself. I just felt that I should start a blog and I started it. That's it. So, welcome to my blog. Hope it has a greater life. And interesting too!


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